To Write Is To Be Vulnerable

I recently tweeted..

“Being a writer is vulnerable. While our opinions, views, thoughts, and positions change – our published work does not and can not.”

It’s true. There are certain things I’ve written that I wish I could take back. There are certain things I’ve written that are painful for even me to read.

We’re constantly changing. What we write, however, isn’t. It’s permanent. That shouldn’t stop us from writing, though.

Almost everything worth doing in this life will cause us to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a good thing – we’re vulnerable when we create something, when we get out of our comfort zone, when we take a risk.

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27 thoughts on “To Write Is To Be Vulnerable

  1. Genius Cole. Just genius. Your quote really hits deep with me because I am an aspiring writer. Many times it requires more than just reading someone’s book to get to know them; though it is a good start. What I make is not what I am – but it is a reflection of who I was when I made it.

  2. There is something really valuable in being able to say, “Yes, I was there…but look how far I’ve come.”

    I think it a good thing that you are aware of the changes you have gone through, and how your views have changed with you as you grew and began to understand different situations and viewpoints. Its a great encouragement that you are willing to admit that you have written things you don’t agree with, rather than trying to hide from it or worse, defending a viewpoint you don’t even agree with anymore.

    Keep writing, just always be willing to speak up if you feel your views have changed. There are great opportunities for friendship, mentorship, and personal growth when you are open to being vulnerable in your craft.

  3. So true! Progression is what we should constantly strive for. Every thing we write is just a mere snap shot of the moment… fading past, eventually reaching an inevitable sound conclusion. A milestone of where we were, and where we are heading.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you’re frightened of your vulnerability, or of having your own opinion attacked or, heaven forbid, changed, don’t write!

  5. I have so often taken a bold stance and written and posted something that could haunt me in the future. Many times I have wanted to take it back but once on the Internet, forever on the Internet. Your post is great and really thought provoking.

  6. Thanks for this post. I am new to blogging and get so terrified that I delete comments that I write. Its good to know that there are people out there who not only are vulnerable but share about vulnerability.

  7. This is a good reminder to me to be more open in my writing. I’ve been dancing around that issue lately; trying to let myself go and be me out there. But it’s hard and so I tend to stick my writer’s voice.

  8. YES! I agree. Vulnerability is the key element for ‘real’ work, if you ask me. I’m not putting any more of my life into reading fluff and fake. I’m not! Glad to find your stuff. I’ll be back. Good blog, here.

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  10. I am a holistic practitioner and have recently started my blog as a way to connect with people and some how help them keep motivated when they are going through a tough moment, or to show them that they are not alone, that we all go through tough experiences and that there is a way out. But little I knew when I started that it was going to be so personal. It is difficult for me to share my “private” stuff and I have realized that in order to help the way I want, I need to open up and share my stories…. I am learning to be vulnerable ;)

  11. Amen. I started blogging about a year ago and there are things that I definitely look back on and wonder why I put that out there for the world. For me, my blog is a way to connect with more believers and a forum to dialogue with non believers. Usually the post is indirectly my biggest prayer request. When you are asking for something as deep and personal as intimate prayers, it can be scary putting yourself out there. However, I’ve been going through your site and I’ve really appreciated that you stand behind what you’re putting out there and willing to critically think about things that many people accept without realizing it. God bless <3

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