“And a response to our God being a father is, inevitably, unity. We do not have varying fathers – we have one father, we share a father. That would make us siblings – brothers, sisters. That would put us on the same team. That would unify us.

That would make us connected.

Back to tragedies.

Do you remember turning on the TV, or checking your phone, and finding out about ’18 dead, 6 in critical condition.’

Or ‘shooter in elementary school.’

Though you were not there, and you were not involved, and no one you knew was affected – it seemed to matter to you, as if you were somehow involved, or you did know someone who was affected. It’s because we are all connected. We are all brothers and sisters.

It’s because we all share a father,

it’s because we are all family.

Sometimes it just takes a tragedy to point that out to us.

I don’t know why bad things happen, but I do know that bad things unify us, and that is not a bad thing.”

(Excerpt from my upcoming book – summer 2014)

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3 thoughts on “Unity

  1. Agreed. This is a reiteration of John Donne’s famous meditation, where we get “no man is an island,” and “ask not for whom the bell tolls.” It is something I think we Christians (well, any everybody) should think more about. It’s such a beautiful concept. I hope your book can get the message to some people!

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