I try not to write about my life on here very much, but my parents are getting divorced, and I thought I should write about it. It’s something about half of us have to deal with, so it’s fairly prevalent.

The shortest verse in the bible. It’s simple, but profound.

“Jesus wept.” – John 11:35

There’s a huge message there. This world is a world full of brokenness, and our God is not a God that is above that brokenness, but in the midst of it. He is not merely looking down at us as we suffer, He is with us.

Our God feels sadness when we feel sadness. He mourns when we mourn. Think about that – Jesus crying. It’s oddly comforting, especially if you know the context of the verse.

I’m not trying to act like I have all the answers in this post. I’m just trying to say that if your parents are divorced or are going through a divorce – know that our God feels our pain, that our God cries

Sometimes there’s nothing we can do or learn that will make our situation any better, we just need someone to be there with us.

36 thoughts on “Divorce

  1. It is pleasing that you are aware of the presence of The Lord with us in whatever situation we may find ourselves. It is really comforting. I wish to add that God, who is with us, is also ready to hear us when we pray. Hence, something we can do is to pray. God who knows the end from the beginning will turn things around through our intercessory prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke the spirit of disunity between them and I command that they return to their first love in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. Hebrews 4:15-16 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tested in every way as we are, yet without sin. Therefore let us approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us at the proper time.

    May you receive His grace and mercy in your time of need brother.

  3. God bless you Cole, may you truly know Jesus’ loving presence with you at this difficult time. He is your Friend, Brother and Father all in one and in great unity of love. May He use you greatly in all your endeavours.

  4. So pleased to discover your blog, Cole. I’ve just read some of your other posts as well, finding them to be very thoughtful and challenging. I appreciate your love for the Lord and all that you and your family are experiencing right now. I will be praying for your parents and yourself as you go through this difficult journey together. I’m glad to have the opportunity to follow your blog. May God continue to use it to His glory.

  5. Saw your post title and had to come by to say my thoughts and prayers are with you, Cole. Hang tough and stay your course of trust and faith in the Lord. As others have already expressed, he Lord knows where we are at all times. DT

  6. I’ve been there, but I was the parent. There is so much I wish I had done differently and I still grieve for what my kids went through. I am so sorry to hear this Cole. We just don’t own enough words to provide you with what you need right now. Only Jesus can heal hurting and broken hearts, and for this I will be seeking Him for you and for your parents. Love and Prayers, Lori

    • Please let me clarify…in saying that I still grieve, I don’t walk in it, but It is something that I have faced continually over the years of regrets. Knowing that I am forgiven, each time I hand it over to the Lord and He is so faithful to take the pain. I have learned so much through it all, but the first thing I had to learn was how to forgive and love me.

  7. Cole,

    I am sorry to hear of your parents’ divorce. I’m glad that you are turning to God during this difficult time. Remember, he always hears our prayers.

    Blessings to you.


  8. Sorry to hear that Cole. I know what it’s like. You’re a strong and independent guy, so I know that you’ll be okay. It’s encouraging that your faith is able to carry you confidently through this.

  9. Thats a really beautiful post, I think its this understanding that leads me to turn to him when I need to cry and know that he understands, and he cries too and that he is my comfort

  10. Much could be said about divorce: how, for instance, I remember attending a youth camp as a musician about 20 years ago and in a seminar about marriage I reflected on how I had seen divorce among Christians I knew increase from ZERO cases only about 5 years before then to about a half dozen ended marriages that I knew personally. Today that increase is exponential! But you said enough when you said that Jesus feels your pain. He does, and yes, THAT is important. If it is all one has to cling to, hold fast.

  11. I feel your pain too, Brother. When I was a very new Christian, my parents divorced. They were never a ‘match made in heaven,’ so to speak, but there are many feelings I know you must have, as I did, which are very hard to articulate. It isn’t your fault or your decision, but you have to suffer somewhat for it… if any of this causes you anger, as it did for me, again, remember that Jesus suffered without fault as well. If you go on following the Lord, facing the painful things with love, and confidence in the power of God, and in His ultimate mercy, I believe He will be pleased. Indeed, He cries with you, but at other times, He rejoices with you — and over you! I will pray for you and for your parents.

  12. Certainly he is with you and he is your comforter.
    May the breath of his presence be felt upon your face and the warmth of his embrace be felt in your soul. May the uplifting strength of the everlasting arms support you. May the one who was pillar of cloud and fire guide you and may you know, in the depth of your being, the love of the one who is your all in all.

  13. Good post. My parents divorced when I was a teenager. So I feel your pain. My faith in God was the only thing that got md through, and the sole reason I am still here today. Prayers for you!

  14. You express yourself well, Ryan. That is a gift, and reveals the quality of your heart. I am praying for you, my young friend. As hard as it may be to fully believe right now, this will pass. While the Lord never promises that we will not face trouble, He has guaranteed that He will go with you all the way through to the good on the other side of it. The comments made to your post reflect a lot of wisdom that I hope will give you comfort and hope.God bless you!

  15. Great site and post! You’re so right. This world is filled with so much brokenness, but God is with us. We have Jesus our high priest who knows our infirmities. May you be comforted as you and your family go through this. My own parents have been divorced for years and separated for almost as many before that. I’m not sure if there’s any way your parents can be reconciled. There’s a pastor, Jimmy Evans (and his wife Karen), who has an awesome marriage ministry. He and his own wife were once headed down that same road but through God were reconciled and are still married today, only after taking things one step at a time. Benny Hinn, a well known evangelist, who had already divorced from his wife is now remarried to his wife Suzanne and had him on as a guest. Whatever happens, I pray God strengthens you through this.

  16. Seems to me, Whoever had the knowledge to put the universe together, is likely aware of what goes on in it. Less obvious, what He thinks of it but it goes on, so I suppose it’s on track.
    I think convenience divorce is overall, more destructive than not. But it’s hard to generalize. In the end, we play the hand we’re dealt and try not to worry over what we can’t help, right?

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